Codes of Aestus - 1 Viewing
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All the information you need to know about Aestus can be found here!
Evolution by Dingo
Apr 2, 2017 17:08:59 GMT -6
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All the news and random plot twists shall be placed here! Make sure to check often so you don't miss anything!
Activity Check by shad
Apr 5, 2017 10:27:58 GMT -6
Questions & Suggestions
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Have a question? Maybe a cool idea? Come on over and drop it here. If we like it enough you will earn Poke dollars!
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Month Day, Year at 00:00
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All the old and finished threads of the site can be found here. If you want one moved so you can use it again just ask a staff member.
Aestus' Shop by Dingo
Apr 4, 2017 18:51:55 GMT -6

Character Creation

Pending Citizens - 1 Viewing
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Come here to create your wonderful little beings. All pending characters are here and must be approved by staff before being roleplayed.
Estha Song-Vulpix-WIP by lightsongfox
Jun 26, 2017 11:47:07 GMT -6
Accepted Citizens
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All the accepted citizens of Aestus can be found here.
Mika by Dingo
Apr 5, 2017 12:38:25 GMT -6
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A log for every citizen is located here. Staff members create them so we can keep all the stats for everyone neat and tidy.
Mika's Log by Dingo
Apr 5, 2017 12:42:13 GMT -6
Wanted & Plotting
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Any and all pokemon can come here and request things. From new friends to a new team, you can find it all here! Make sure you check often so you don't miss out on a good offer!
The Queen's Throne by Romeo
Mar 29, 2017 20:17:09 GMT -6


Aestus' Guild
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All the explorers come here. You can find missions, friends, and even foes, all within these beautiful guild walls.
Extra Training by Julia
Apr 6, 2017 8:43:19 GMT -6
Azutan's Guild
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Azutan's guild is the meeting and greeting place of all the outlaws of Aestus. Here you can find missions, friends, and even foes!
Fight me! (Hubei Castle Lvl. 3) by Queen Ahai
Mar 14, 2017 15:04:46 GMT -6
Aestus' Inn
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The inn of Aestus is always hustling and bustling with the lost or misplaced pokemon in Cradagan. It looks like a run down shack, but the warmth and hospitality inside make it completely worth staying at just once.
The Right To Riches by Koza Traviar
Mar 29, 2017 3:07:08 GMT -6
Kamora Park
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Kamora Park is the best meet up spot in town. A beautiful park, with cobble walkways and unique looking flowers, surround the small pond and benches here. A couple of huge trees provide shade during the heat. It also has a small shop set up where everyone can buy things.
Try's Shop Stuff by Dingo
Apr 10, 2017 18:57:41 GMT -6
Kyogre Fountain
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Kyogre fountain is near the centre of town, and is a monument to the brave Kyogre who sacrificed himself to save Aestus. In the centre of the fountain is a statue of Kyogre on a wave, as if he is flying upon the sea. Intricate carvings of different water type pokemon surround the base of the circular fountain. It's a very common hang out spot and very much worth admiring.
A Sight to Behold[open] by Julia
Mar 29, 2017 17:29:43 GMT -6
Zieta Arena
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Zieta arena is the battle ground for most Pokemon, where others can watch as the battle unfolds below. It's named after a famed battler, a Hariyama named Zieta, who's enormous figure can be seen engraved within the walls of the arena. Winning a battle doesn't just bring fame, it brings prizes and experience points too!
Arena Battle Competition by Julia
Apr 8, 2017 20:18:42 GMT -6
Crazy Romano's Lair
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A simple grass and twig hut is all you see until you walk inside. Once inside you walk in the door you will finding a spiralling staircase leading into an underground cave. The cave has glowing glyphs and symbols all over the walls and tunnels leading here and there. It is there that the delibird, known as Crazy Romano, resides. He is able to send you to different dungeons to do training, as a team or alone. If you answer his riddles or questions correctly you can proceed. If not, then beware!
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Maalu's Orphanage
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Maalu's Orphanage is home to all the lost and misplaced young Pokemon of Aestus. It is a beautiful mansion, with bright colours adorning it and windows everywhere on the sides of the home. A bright playground, full of flowers and toys, lay in front of the building. A wealthy Cubone built this Orphanage before he died, and named it after his missing mother. A sad, yet touching, way to remember her.
feast the eyes by Percival
Mar 29, 2017 13:12:28 GMT -6

Land of Teigano

Fellbottom Swamp
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A foggy swamp, full of algae and muck, is located just east of town. Trees and vines are here and there, mixed within the ick on the ground. It doesn't look, or smell, nice at all. There are 4 floors here. Poison type pokemon, levels 3-7, can be found here.
Teach Her a Lesson! (Kaelen, Zadira and Try) by Try
Mar 31, 2017 18:00:07 GMT -6
Hubei Castle - 2 Viewing
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Hubei castle lies to the north of town. It once was a magnificent place, full of life and beautiful things. Time has taken it's toll, leaving the splendor to become nothing but crumbling walls and vines among the golden statues and lost treasure here.. Normal type pokemon, between level 3-8 call this home. 5 floors make this crumbly castle an even sadder sight to see.
Take It Up A Notch [Dungeon] by Ortus Ironworks
Mar 31, 2017 10:09:58 GMT -6
Celebi's Shelter - 2 Viewing
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To the south of town you will find a beautiful sprawling meadow. Flowers are speckled about the lush green meadow, but the most beautiful sight is the enormous tree in the centre. The dungeon is located within the tree, providing paths and tunnels one could easily get lost in due to the foliage. It's very in tune with nature, with legend saying that Celebi prevented a disaster in the future and needed a safe place to regain strength. Celebi came back and created this tree. Celebi then left, leaving the tree for all the grass type pokemon that are now found here. There are 5 floors here and the pokemon are levels 5-10.
Celebi's Shelter by Dingo
Mar 27, 2017 8:44:14 GMT -6
Dragon Garden - 1 Viewing
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A topiary garden, with topiaries of dragon type pokemon rests here. Long grass covers the ground, with various bushes dotting here and there. In the centre are two statues, of Latios and Latias, stand tall, with flowers and vines crawling up the sides of the statutes. Each one has flowers the colour of the pokemon. Dragon type pokemon reside here in peace together. 5 floors and pokemon levels 8-12 can be found here.
Dragon Garden by Dingo
Mar 27, 2017 8:44:51 GMT -6

Out of Character

Generally Speaking
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All the general chit chat goes here. Feel free to talk about anything here as long as it doesn't violate site rules or Proboards TOS.
A Personal Soundtrack by 𝒸𝑒𝓇𝒾𝓃
Mar 16, 2017 18:52:37 GMT -6
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Are you going to be gone for a bit? On a trip or leaving for good? Make sure you tell us here, so we can bid goodbye or eagerly wait for you to return!
i was i am back. by Fallen
Aug 10, 2017 20:56:31 GMT -6
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All the beautiful artwork you create can go here. Feel free to open up shop and sell it to members too!
rover's template testing by Rover
Mar 20, 2017 10:50:17 GMT -6
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All the beautiful sites go here, link backs or first timers alike. Affiliate requests also go here.
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